NYC restaurants closing in efforts to stop the spread of Omicron variant this holiday

Some restaurants are finding themselves forced to close their doors again after a surge of COVID-19 cases with the Omicron variant.
Leland in Prospect Heights is one of dozens of restaurants that have chosen to close their doors to rest, test and encourage others to get their booster shot.
Owner Randi Lee says they got the lease in February of 2020 just before the start of the pandemic. Despite all that unfolded, the restaurant was able to open its doors in December of 2020. However, it was open for service for only three days due to New York's second shutdown.
It has since reopened with outdoor cabins. Earlier this month, it celebrated their one-year anniversary.
"I think the restaurant community has learned a lot in the last two years, and we hope to continue this sort of effort to make people safe," says Lee.
The restaurant is hoping to be able to reopen its doors on Dec. 29.