NYC School and Safety Coalition urges NYPD safety agents to be stationed in schools

The New York City School and Safety Coalition gathered outside Bronx City Hall on Sunday for a rally calling for schools to implement NYPD school safety agents.
The rally was held a few days after 17-year-old Devonte Lewis was fatally shot outside Urban Dove Charter School in Midwood.
Parents, teachers and staff members at the rally said the presence of a school safety agent at the school could have deterred the incident from happening.
The group says they want school safety agents under the NYPD to be placed in every city school.
Last year, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to transfer school safety agents from the NYPD to the Department of Education by June 2022.
However, members of the New York City Safety Coalition say they feel this would leave schools vulnerable to violence.
The coalition plans to meet next Saturday with school safety agents in Queens for another rally.