NYC steps up social distancing efforts after overcrowding at parks

The city is stepping up social distancing efforts Sunday after several parks experienced overcrowding.
Domino Park now has white circles painted on the grass to show people how far away they should be from others. Around the park, there are signs to remind people to keep their distance and to wear masks.
In an effort to make sure everyone is covering their face, NYPD officers as well as 2,000 social distancing ambassadors will be out in parks.
They will be keeping track of how many people are in the park, as well as handing out face masks to anyone who may need one.
In the last week, the city and police department announced a shift in enforcement, saying they're focusing on preventing large crowds before they ever start.
They say they're trying to make summonses a last resort.
Officials say with the weather warming up and people feeling the effects of cabin fever, they expect many people will be outdoors, but everyone's health takes priority.
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