NYC unveils latest plan to monitor waters for sharks

In the wake of a woman being bitten by a shark at Rockaway Beach Monday, sharks are on the mind of many swimmers.
But on Friday, New Yorkers got an update on what’s being done to keep them safe at city beaches.
The Parks Department, NYPD and FDNY teamed up with a plan to make swimmers feel a bit more at ease after speaking to experts.
That plan is to use drones - which will help scan the water.
“If we see a shark, we notify the Parks Department, the Parks Department takes that, automatically notifies lifeguards,” says NYPD Commanding Officer of the Technical Assistance Response Unit Frank DiGiacomo. “We will make other notifications. We will wait and follow that shark.”
Officers say drones will be deployed at Coney Island, Rockaway Beach, Orchard Beach and Staten Island South Beach.
But some beachgoers aren’t so convinced the plan will work.
“Put up these artificial reefs to keep the sharks away,” says Justin Cantor. “It’s not that expensive and it will keep the people safe.”