NYC 'Wildman' Steve Brill forages in Prospect Park

The famous New York City "Wildman" Steve Brill is making a trip through Prospect Park, and he's bringing a crew of naturalists with him.
Brill forages through parks all across the New York area including in Prospect Park, where he says there are mushrooms and plants that you can eat.
"We'll find burdock root, we will find goutweed which tastes like parsley, celery and carrots," he explains.
It wasn't always so rosy foraging in the big city. Brill got himself into some trouble back in 1986.
"I was arrested in Central Park by undercover park rangers for eating a dandelion," he says. "They hauled me off to the police station in handcuffs. I was charged with criminal mischief for removing vegetation from the park because I ate the dandelion."
But city officials eventually turned over a new leaf, recognizing the Wildman isn't a criminal, but someone who can use foraging skills for good.
It's surprising for some to learn that you can eat some of the flora found right here in the borough's parks.
Jenne Richardson grew up in Park Slope. Like most New Yorkers, she was taught that if you eat something off the ground -- "you're gonna get sick and die," she says.
But with a lesson from the Wildman himself, she may be convinced otherwise.
"To be in a park that I've grown up in and then to walk it with this point of view is very interesting to see what we can and cannot consume," Richardson says.