NYCHA resident claims there's no consistent heat or hot water in her home

A mother of two is calling out the New York City Housing Authority, saying she's had  to endure freezing temperatures inside her apartment.
Whenever it gets cold outside, Jenna Fisher says the only way to stay warm inside her apartment is to camp out in her living room with her 8-month-old baby and her 18-year-old daughter under a pile of blankets next to an electric fireplace.
Fisher says they haven’t had consistent hot water ever since she moved in nearly six years ago. More recently, the heat hasn’t been working, which she says has gotten her baby sick.
She says she’s filed countless complaints with NYCHA, but the issue persists.
On Tuesday, four NYCHA employees went to Fisher’s apartment, after News 12 reached out to them.  
NYCHA said there might be an issue with the heat reader, and said they reached out to National Grid. As for the ongoing lack of hot water, they said they’ll have to first locate the source of problem.
With freezing temperatures expected all week, Fisher says the current conditions are putting her family at risk.
News 12 received the following statement from NYCHA: 
"NYCHA has reached out to the resident and the third-party vendor that manages this location's heat delivery. NYCHA staff have visited the apartment and will continue to work with the resident to identify and address the any heat distribution issues in the unit. Residents in need of assistance are encouraged to call the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771."