NYCHA tenant in Williamsburg says she's gone months without refrigerator or stove

A New York City Housing Authority tenant in Williamsburg who says she's been without a working stove and refrigerator for months says she's fed up -- and is calling on NYCHA to do better.
Lakeisha Hodges has lived on Flushing Avenue for the past seven years, but she says the conditions recently have become unbearable.
"My cabinet is broken, I have had no refrigerator since March," said Hodges. "I have to cook on a hot plate. My bathroom needs to be done and a whole bunch of other things."
She says she even got sick because she's been without a stove.
"I was in the hospital because I was eating food from outside every day," she said.
Hodges lives with her son and takes care of her granddaughter and niece, who is diabetic.
"I have to keep her meds, and my sister had to call [NYCHA] and really get into their behinds ... I had to keep her insulin and everything else."
Hodges has reached out to NYCHA asking for repairs, but says no one has showed up.
"It's a hot mess. I've been dealing with this for this long, buying food from outside and everything else," she said.
A spokesperson with NYCHA said they paused all non-emergency in-unit work due to COVID-19 safety concerns. They say an inspection is scheduled for Saturday and that Hodge's stove is scheduled to be replaced early next week.