NYPD: 1 adult, 4 children in hospital after being struck by car

The NYPD is currently investigating a hit-and-run incident where five people were struck by a car in Brooklyn. 
The incident took place around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, and a police source on the scene told News 12 that a mother and four children were struck.  
The source said they were gathered at the intersection of Avenue J and New York Avenue as a school bus was dropping off at least one of the children involved in the incident. 
All four children and the adult were struck during the incident, and police confirmed that not all the children were on the school bus prior to the hit-and-run.
There was still a stroller at the scene that witnesses believe the mother was using at some point. 
Police are searching for the suspect, who witnesses say was driving a Mercedez-Benz.