NYPD: 17-year-old boy dies following stabbing in Coney Island

Police say a 17-year-old boy died Saturday after he was stabbed in Coney Island while he was on his way home from school a day earlier.
Investigators say Nyheem Wright was walking home from Liberation High School when a group of six boys jumped him and stabbed him on the corner of Mermaid Avenue and West 31st Street near a Rite Aid pharmacy's parking lot. It all happened in broad day light around 3:20 p.m., which left local school safety leaders disturbed.
Mona Davids, of the New York City School Safety Coalition, said the incident is upsetting.
According to Council Member Ari Kagan's Facebook page, the teen was attacked by six people and left with a collapsed lung and punctured vein.
When the police found him, they say he was stabbed in the stomach and was immediately rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on Saturday morning.
It was unclear as to why he was attacked.
Davids says a fellow member of her coalition knew Nyheem and says he was a good kid.
Advocates for school safety are now calling for action from the city.
New York City Department of Education Chancellor David Banks said in a statement, “I spoke with the young man’s principal this [Saturday] evening, who described him as a joyful leader. He was on the verge of graduation, and was a hard worker who took an active role in leading other young people at his school. Our city suffers because of these losses.”
There were no arrests as of Saturday night.
Police urge anyone with any information to give them a call.