NYPD: 2 attempted murder suspects taken down by fire marshals during Parkchester shooting

Authorities say two men are facing attempted murder charges after being taken down by fire marshals while trying to flee a shooting scene Thursday night in Parkchester.
Jaquan Morant, 27, and Sebastian Santos, 18, also face charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon.
Police say a fire marshal in Parkchester heard about four to five gunshots before those suspects barreled toward him at full speed.
Surveillance video captured the pair racing down Archer Street when that fire marshal stopped them at the end of the block. He got them on the ground before backup arrived.
The FDNY says there were two other fire marshals investigating a separate arson in the area who also heard the shots and rushed toward the scene.
They searched those suspects and found a Glock .380 and called in the NYPD to make the arrests.
Police say another man was shot in the back at the corner of Archer Street and Leland Avenue around 9:40 p.m. Police say he's 29 years old and was listed in stable condition as of Friday night, but officers describe him as highly uncooperative.