'NYPD 4 the Kids' raises gun violence awareness; brings peace of mind to residents

The NYPD's 44th Precinct held a family event in Claremont Park to ease their minds from the gun violence that is plaguing the city.
The 44th Precinct is said to be one of the most dangerous precincts in the city.
The "NYPD 4 the Kids" event was set by the precinct, New York City Police Foundation and the Community Affairs Bureau to raise awareness on an issue that's been ravishing the city.
Organizer Avril Francis said the goal of the event is to bring the community together.
"The families smiling, enjoying something other than worrying about guns. The games are a way of saying, 'Let's come together, play together and have fun together,'" Francis said.
The event also provided an opportunity for the community to stand together with those who have lost someone to gun violence.
Yahisha Gomez and Sokpini Tay still mourn their 11-year-old daughter Kyhara Tay, who was killed a month ago when she was hit by a stray bullet.
"It's sad that our kids, our neighbors, the community is not safe out there. It's sad that they're scared to even come out," Gomez said.
Two men have been charged in the child’s death.
"I feel like we need to be here for her," said her father, Sokpini Tay.
"Every event that has to do with gun violence," Gomez added.
Spreading awareness also came in other ways. One of the organizations at the event was Rise to Power, which gave away free dresses.
While there's been a number of shootings, gun violence is down by roughly 11% compared to this time last year across the city, according to the NYPD. Those same statistics show that in the Bronx, shootings are down 8%.