NYPD announces heightened security for West Indian American Day Carnival, J'ouvert

As New Yorkers gear up to celebrate the West Indian American Day Carnival and J'ouvert this Monday, the NYPD is letting them know that enhanced security measures will be in place.  
The parade sees big crowds, bright floats and dancers in flashy costumes along Eastern Parkway, as the celebration will be at maximum capacity for the first time since 2019.  
The streets are already lined with police barricades days in advance as the NYPD ramps up security in anticipation of the thousands of people expected to get involved in the celebration.  
Hundreds of police officers will be on patrol and the NYPD is installing increased surveillance cameras. They are not allowing large bags, and all participants must pass through designated security entry points. 
"Similar security measures were used at prior parades including the last J'ouvert parade which was held in 2019,” said one NYPD official. “And it proved to be well-received by both the community and the NYPD. There were zero acts of violence recorded at our last J'ouvert." 
Police say they are working hand in hand with community organizations like Gun Violence Interrupters to ease any tension that may arise.