NYPD: City seeing decline in shootings, robberies

The NYPD shared its latest statistics that show a downward trend in crime overall.  
The NYPD’s top officials say that shootings, murders, robberies and burglaries are down across the five boroughs, with a 5.6% reduction year-to-date compared to last year. The NYPD did flag that it has seen a rise in grand larceny, which rose by nearly 20% in that time frame.  
New York City saw a 34.5% drop in shooting incidents in September, with 117 in September 2022 compared to 77 this September. The city also saw a 27% drop in burglary, a 9.5% drop in grand larceny and a 7.3% decline in robberies.
The NYPD’s 2023 summer initiative spanned across 40 precincts from May through mid-September, leading to a 25.8% reduction in shooting incidents during that time period compared to 2022.  
NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban says 5,100 guns have been taken off of city streets since the start of 2023 and that over 12,000 illegal weapons have been seized since the start of the Adams administration.