NYPD, Civilian Complaint Review Board sign memorandum of understanding

The NYPD and Civilian Complaint Review Board signed a memorandum of understanding, saying they will work to improve trust between police and the community.
Mayor Bill de Blasio called what happened Thursday one of the most important moments in history for these two agencies. It's something he says he believes will become a model for other police departments across the country.
The NYPD commissioner and the board commissioner said they signed the memorandum to follow a new discipline matrix.
De Blasio says that for seven years, the NYPD has been changing the way they police New York City, from things like ending stop and frisk to adding body-worn cameras.
He says this lays out specific penalties that apply to specific infractions of the patrol guide.
The police commissioner will still have the final say, but the Civilian Complaint Review Board commissioner says this gets them one step closer to having the board's decision be the final one.
For the New York City Police Department Disciplinary System Penalty Guidelines, follow this link.