NYPD, clergy members gather to discuss gun violence solutions

The NYPD met with clergy members Thursday for a discussion aimed at reducing gun violence and promoting safety in the city. 
The meeting was hosted by the 67th Precinct Clergy Council, also known as the GodSquad, to learn best practices accumulated over the past 11 years on how to engage with the community to end violence in the streets. 
Clergy members gathered inside an auditorium to receive special training on victim services and resources to help address violence in the community. 
The training is part of the community solutions, started earlier this year, which is committed to helping reform the NYPD. 
Pastor Gil Monrose, the only clergy member who is part of the crisis management system through the mayor’s office, helped educate clergy members about strategies that can be used throughout the city. 
One of those strategies include reaching out to young people to help address the rise in gun violence in the city. Clergy members learned best practices, participated in role playing and addressed some of their concerns during the meeting. 
NYPD Chief of Patrol Juanita Holmes and other clergy members hope to put a solid plan together within the next few months to effectively reach out to the community. 
Those protocol guides were handed out to clergy members highlighting community solutions for bringing peace during home and hospital visits--even during the upcoming J'ouvert and West Indian Parade.