NYPD gives update on Prospect Park attack that killed dog

Capt. Frantz Souffrant, commanding officer of the 78th Precinct, gave News 12 an update on the Prospect Park attack that resulted in the death of a Brooklyn woman’s dog.
Jessica Chrustic says in August, she and her dog Moose were doused with urine, chased and attacked by a homeless man during their daily walk in Prospect Park.
While she tried to flee, the man hit Moose. The dog underwent two operations for its injuries, but unfortunately died a few days later.
The police are still searching for the suspect.
“As of right now, we've stopped 10 people that have matched the description but unfortunately, none of them were the attacker,” said Capt. Souffrant. “My field intelligence officers, my neighborhood coordination officers, the detectives are involved, so everyone is working together around the clock.”
As of this week, he says four officers are now specifically assigned to the case. This comes after Chrustic says she had another frightening encounter with the man she says committed the attack.
After a friend spotted him near the park on Friday, Chrustic says she contacted the police and went to the location to identify him.
She says she tried getting the attention of NYPD officers in a nearby squad car, but they ignored her.
"I have done everything that I can within my capacity to assist with his apprehension by working with police and the public," she said.
Chrustic ended up following the man briefly, until she says he turned to chase her with mace and a stick.
“I was maced, and I was chased by the same man that killed Moose on Friday. I was left out like bait for forty minutes. It’s shameful that it’s come to this for the police to start doing their job,” she said.
Capt. Souffrant says the police have learned from the incident.
“We're still investigating that portion of it, but we recognize that things can happen. We've learned from that and as result, we've changed our deployment,” said the Capt.
The suspect is now wanted for both incidents. As police continue their efforts to locate the suspect, they ask anyone who might see the suspect to call 911.