NYPD hosts catalytic converter event amid rise of thefts last year

The NYPD held event Friday where they used special technology to etch serial numbers and a scannable QR code onto people’s precious car parts.
The event comes as catalytic converter thefts rose to more than 64,000 in 2022 alone, according to the National Crime Bureau.
Residents brought their vehicles to the NYPD’s Cat Scan Program to provide a serial number and QR code, which will help police identify what vehicle the catalytic convertor belongs to.
Over 3,200 New Yorkers fell victim to catalytic converter theft this year, with 870 of those thefts happening in Brooklyn alone. Law enforcement officials say since launching their campaign last year, the NYPD's Auto Crime Unit says they've seen a 44% drop in thefts citywide.
The NYPD says thieves typically look for cars that have been parked in a spot for a prolonged period of time and sit above higher ground for easier access, and that taking a car's catalytic converter can take under a minute. They recommend people park in well-lit areas and to invest in a car security system that detects motion.
The NYPD Auto Crime Unit says they'll be holding events like this one in the coming months in their continued effort to fight catalytic converter theft.