NYPD lieutenant accused of police brutality in Brownsville

An NYPD lieutenant is accused of police brutality for an incident in Brownsville that was caught on camera, and the department is now facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.
Errol Everett, 33, is seeking $5 million for the injuries he says he suffered at the hands of the NYPD. The video from Aug. 24 shows a plainclothes officer identified as Lt. Christopher Siani shoving Everett.
The video shows the officer wrestle Everett to the ground and punch him. According to the lawsuit, Everett's injuries were serious enough to require hospitalization while he was in police custody.
An NYPD spokesperson says officers were responding to a large and disorderly crowd on Mother Gaston Boulevard and gave repeated orders to disperse. Everett, who police say is a known gang member, refused. They took him into custody.
Everett says the force they used was excessive and uncalled for.
"I still feel the pain," he said. "I have bad migraines right now. I get dizzy, my ribs hurt, it's hard to sleep. I have to sleep on a certain angle."
Police say Everett was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct. The NYPD also tells News 12 that it is aware of the video and it is under internal review.