NYPD misconduct complaints filed with CCRB made public with new database

A new database is making public all NYPD misconduct complaints filed with the Civilian Complaint Review Board. 
The NYPD is set to release its own records next week. News 12 is told they will look slightly different but will contain information on more than 80,000 active and retired officers. 
It is a move along with their new disciplinary matrix, which lays out a set of guidelines to streamline disciplinary action. 
News 12 is told Police Commissioner Dermot Shea will still have the final say and that the NYPD has sided with the CCRB on misconduct findings almost 90% of the time. 
The CCRB’s database allows the public to search the officer disciplinary histories--sortable by command, rank and sustained complaints. 
This comes with a list of officers, along with incident dates, the allegations against them and the NYPD’s response to those allegations. 
However, the public would require a Freedom Information Request to read the whole story behind the complaint.