NYPD officers hope to inspire children in roles on highway unit

Two NYPD officers are hoping to inspire people that with hard work and kindness, anything is possible.
Police officers Bobby Glover Jr. and Anthony Stewart are part of the NYPD’s highway unit.
Glover Jr., a Queens native, startd his career as a member of the department’s cadet corp.
Stewart, born in Brooklyn and working in the borough, is following in the steps of his godfather.
“All of his friends who were police officers, they were not Black,” Stewart says. “Good people, but they weren’t the same color as him or me.” They say the major roles of their jobs is enforcement.
Both officers say one of the most enjoyable parts of the job is getting to know their neighborhoods.
“Everytime I hit the street, I try to make a new friend every single day,” Stewart says.
Both officers say they hope to inspire children to go for their dreams.