Police: Machete-wielding man dead after chasing people, damaging cars in Brooklyn

Police say a machete-wielding man is dead after approaching officers and injuring a woman Tuesday night. 
Police say the man was chasing people and damaging people’s cars near Dumont Avenue at around 6:10 p.m. 
A woman, who was walking her dog, was attacked by the man and suffered deep cuts on her left hand, according to police. 
Police say the woman’s dog was also attacked by the man. The woman was taken to a local hospital and the dog was taken to a local clinic. 
When encountering the man and asking him to drop the machete, the suspect disobeyed and approached officers, according to police. 
Police say officers fire a single round and struck the man in the chest. The man was pronounced dead. 
The case is under investigation. This is the second police-involved shooting reported in 24 hours in Brooklyn.