NYPD commissioner, Mayor Adams detail new anti-crime units to combat gun violence

A new initiative to combat gun violence in New York City began this week in the form of new neighborhood safety teams.

News 12 Staff

Mar 16, 2022, 10:15 AM

Updated 823 days ago


The NYPD is rolling out new anti-crime units in an effort to usher in what Mayor Eric Adams calls the “next era” of responsible crime fighting.
Adams and police officials broke down the details Wednesday on how they're hoping to reduce gun violence across the city. Neighborhood Safety Teams began patrolling the streets on Monday for the first time since a similar unit was disbanded back in 2020 after much controversy. Adams and police officials say this unit will be different.
The Neighborhood Safety Teams are a major part of the mayor's goal to get guns off the street. Officers will be deployed to 25 neighborhoods across the city, which officials say make up 80% of the gun violence in New York City.
Adams says community engagement and feedback from the community will be a key part in making the unit work, something he says lacked in previous anti-crime units.
Officials say officers are being trained in de-escalation and use of force. They will also be overseeing arrests and interactions with the public as they look for ways to improve the unit.
Adams says he won't consider this initiative a success until there is a substantial decrease in gun violence across the city. Until then, the units will keep working to make that happen.

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