NYPD: Police shoot machete-wielding suspect in East New York

The NYPD says police fired shots during an incident in East New York Tuesday, injuring one person. The area around New Lots and Sneider avenues were closed as a result.
A press conference was held just after 6 p.m. on Tuesday, where police say the man who was shot was wielding a machete.
Officers responded to a call of a female being assaulted by a male at 202 New Lots Avenue. When officers approached the suspect sitting on the steps, the man grabbed a machete as well as a large butcher knife and began to advance towards the lieutenant.
The lieutenant fire two shots at the knife-holding suspect, who was struck in the thigh and groin. Police say this suspect threatened his neighbor with the machete after assaulting a family member and another woman. 
The suspect is currently on federal probation, with previous criminal history.