NYPD: Shots fired in Brownsville on Halloween night

The NYPD is investigating a shooting incident that took place on Monday along Mother Gaston Boulevard in Brownsville.  
Police say that it is unclear how the shooting started or who is involved, but that none of the police that were out on that street were the intended target of the shots.
Officials have closed off several blocks around the area.
"It is dangerous and people want to enjoy themselves and trick or treat," said Brownsville resident Rolanda Parker. "We can't even do that, it is dangerous. I just want to go back to the house now."
Employee Ivan Vera at a local wine and liquor store told News 12 he heard five shots ring out before people started to run.
I heard 4-5 gun shots and saw on my cameras people running," he said. "I was curious where it was coming from and I locked the doors real quick in here."
Police are not reporting any injuries as a result of the incident. Officers say they ended trick-or-treating early in the area after the shooting took place.