Officials: 'Hidden’ surveillance cameras installed on MTA trains to combat subway crime

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority confirmed to News 12 that it will be rolling out hidden surveillance cameras in trains across New York City.
Officials say 65 train cars have "hidden" surveillance cameras that were installed the past month. The effort is part of the MTA's pilot initiative to downscale transit crimes. From these cameras, officers will be able to gather evidence that may occur in the areas the cameras are designated in.
New York City Transit president Richard Davey spoke in an interview regarding the cameras saying two were implemented per train car. A goal of 100 cameras is planned for the initial pilot. The MTA confirms the cameras will not be monitored all day, every day.
A sign will be posted to inform riders they are being watched, according to Davey. While there are plans to install more cameras, there are no plans in place to watch these cameras in real time.