Officials: Mindful breathing yoga practice to be implemented in all NYC public schools

New York City officials introduced a new citywide public school program Tuesday set to change the way students handle adversity.
As part of the Department of Education's Yoga and Mindfulness Preparation Program, students in all public schools across the city will participate in mindful breathing. The technique, according to the program, aims to tackle mental health, social-emotional learning and produce a healthy lifestyle students can carry with them into adulthood.
The rollout of professional development programs for educators has already begun. The mindful breathing session will last from two to five minutes. While required, students will not be forced to participate.
NYC Schools Chancellor David Banks says the initiative will play a big part for students and educators still adjusting from changes experienced during the pandemic.
Mayor Eric Adams sided with the effectiveness of the technique saying when he lost his mother while running for mayor, breathing offered him comfort.