Officials push for ‘meaningful legislation’ to keep small businesses open during pandemic

Buunni Coffee in Riverdale said goodbye to customers and neighbors on Saturday before closing their Riverdale Avenue storefront.
The owners told News 12 that they were “heartbroken.”
The shop was part of a rent reduction program for a while, but was forced to close when it expired.
While Buunni Coffee couldn’t survive the pandemic, elected officials are working to make sure that it doesn't happen moving forward to other small businesses.
They are touting the Commercial Vacancy Tax bill, Recovery Lease Program, Small Business Jobs Survival Act and the Commercial Rent Stabilization bill.
"We have to pass meaningful legislation that will raise revenue,” said XXXX. “Raising revenue means asking those who have made a profit to pay just a little bit more for a little bit of time that can actually give meaningful financial support to the businesses that we love that make our communities vibrant."