On The Road: Cape May

News 12 New Jersey is On The Road at Cape May. 
On a rainy day in Cape May, News 12's Dave Curren headed indoors to shop for tasty treats at the Fudge Kitchen. The store's owner showed part of the fudge-making process and revealed his favorite flavor.
Curren heads to the Ugly Mug restaurant, a Cape May staple since 1949, to chat with Chamber of Commerce President Jim Ridgeway and dig into some crab fries, crab cakes and a lobster roll.
Curren heads back outdoors to the Washington Mall and speaks to the artistic director of Elaine's Dinner Theatre, who has a lot in store for those who want a meal and a show.
 Dave Curren talks to John Cooke, the ultimate ambassador for Cape May. He talks about some of the many places visitors can come to in town, and what the "Cape May state of mind" entails.
 Dave Curren takes some Cape May visitors to task with a bit of trivia at the Ugly Mug as the sun starts to finally come out.
 News 12's Brian Donahue takes us to some of the quietest parts of Cape May -- even some parts where you can feel like you can walk off the edge of New Jersey.