One Brooklyn Health Brookdale streamlines COVID-19 vaccine process to avoid waste

One Brooklyn Health System at Brookdale is prioritizing residents in an effort to get coronavirus vaccine doses to those who need them.
The communities served by One Brooklyn Health System at Brookdale had some of the highest rates of infection during the pandemic.
One Brooklyn Health System (Brookdale, Interfaith, and Kingsbrook hospitals) combined has vaccinated 50,000 people within the East Brooklyn and Central Brooklyn communities.
Getting the vaccine is a bright moment after a painful year for nurse Ursula Edwards.
"It's a totally different attitude because now we're saving lives. It's better, we're happier," said Edwards.
The patients register with the state, come in and show their ID, learn potential side effects, get the shot and then wait 15 minutes after getting it.
The pharmacists prep the doses hours before anyone comes in.
The hospital has a streamlined process to avoid any waste of the vaccine.
For any missed appointments, there is a wait list and staff ensure it goes to who qualifies first.