One week later: The latest on the Morris Heights partial building collapse

Despite the windy and rainy weather coming down across New York City on Monday morning, construction crews were out continuing the teardown of part of that building that collapsed last week.  
Demolition has now been underway for several days, with some streets around 1915 Billingsley Terrace closed off completely during the process. A total of 170 residents were left without a place to sleep after a section of the building came crashing down.  
No one was injured during this incident. The Red Cross initially helped out those impacted by sheltering them in hotels, and now the city’s Housing Preservation and Development department is taking that responsibility over - having already given 34 families emergency housing.
According to HPD, the building has 100 violations dating back to 2019, with over a dozen of those from last month.  
The Department of Buildings has since suspended an engineer who inspected the building in June and says it is working to ensure the residents have a safe return to their homes.