Open strollers on MTA buses cause point of contention for some New Yorkers

The presence of open baby strollers on MTA buses has caused recent concerns and disagreements amid a fight that broke out due to an open stroller on a Bronx bus. 
The fight took place last week at the intersection of Colgate and Westchester avenues, and the NYPD has made three arrests in the incident.  
This comes as the MTA is actively testing a program that allows open strollers on most MTA buses. Seven bus routes are equipped with special spaces where parents can place their opened stroller, but the fight that broke out last week did not happen on one of the test routes. 
Police say the fight started off as an argument over the open stroller, according to the Transit Worker’s Union. The union is unsure if one of the suspects shoved or bumped into the stroller. 
“We let them know that these things were going to happen,” said Donald Yates, of TWU Local 100. “And to be quite frank and honest, we felt that they were putting their own child at risk." 
While the union says they don’t agree with this move, other riders we spoke to say they do see the need for it. 
“People have to do what they have to do. I can't judge someone who brings a stroller on board because they have things they have to handle,” said Daniel Torres, a Bronx resident and regular MTA bus rider. “You don’t know someone’s situation.” 
The test program is expected to last for about five more months. Police say all three arrested for the fight that took place over the open stroller have been charged with assault.