Organizers rally over police-involved fatal shooting at Throgs Neck convenience store

Calls for justice rang out outside of the NYPD’s 45th Precinct as organizers called for accountability and reform in response to a fatal police-involved shooting.  
The shooting took place earlier this month at a Throgs Neck convenience store, and left an armed Bronx man dead. Organizers say they’re calling for reform within law agencies after 22-year-old Mamady Cisse was shot and killed. 
Police tell News 12 that on Sept. 9, an employee from the 7/11 store came to the 45th Precinct after a man was seen pacing around, approaching the counter, and doing so repeatedly.  
Law enforcement officials say that when police arrived at the scene, they asked Cisse to remove his hands from his pockets, and that after numerous failed attempts, he allegedly pulled a knife out and lunged at the officer.  
The officer shot Cisse once in the stomach, and Cisse was pronounced dead shortly after. A representative of the family says that there should have been de-escalation tactics in place to prevent his lost life.  
The family is demanding that body cam footage of the incident be released immediately.