Outdoor workout area in popular Bronx park reopens after COVID-19 closure

A workout area in one popular Bronx park is back up and running after months of being shut down.
It was a community effort to get Macombs Dam Park reopened.
It was shut down in the spring due to lack of social distancing.
Community activists and fitness buffs got involved by reaching out to local politicians and the Parks Department to get the work-out machines there not just reopened but replaced.
The Parks Department tells News 12 that the old equipment was worn out. It says it was happy to reopen Saturday after putting in 18 brand-new work-out machines in just six weeks.
Families, friends and people just trying to get in shape say they're happy to have their outdoor gym back.
Now that COVID-19 numbers are on the rise, there's no word if it will have limited hours or capacity.