Over 150 parking spots removed along Wortman Avenue to make room for bike lane

People living along Wortman Avenue and in the Linden Houses in East New York will have to work a whole lot harder to find parking, thanks to a permanent bike lane installed by the Department of Transportation.  
The bike lane runs from Fountain Avenue to Louisiana Avenue along Wortman Avenue and was installed in early June. The parking area allowed cars to park side-by-side on a 90-degree angle, but now only has parallel parking spots available.  
Some concerned residents say that while they understand the need for bike lanes across the city, they wished that the Department of Transportation understood that parking was already scarce before these changes, especially with two NYCHA complexes along the street.  
The DOT reported over 500 traffic-related injuries in this neighborhood over a four-year span and says that the installed bike lane will help to improve safety for all along the street.