Owners of Green Angel CBD: Plants confiscated by NYPD were legal hemp

After the NYPD seized a shipment last month of what they're saying was more than 100 pounds of marijuana, the person facing charges in court Monday is pushing for all charges to be dropped immediately.
Last month, the 75th Precinct confiscated more than 100 pounds of a plant claiming it was marijuana. The FedEx shipment was on its way to John Dee's business, Green Angel CBD, where he sells CBD oil, vapes and other products.
Dee claims the plants were legal hemp. He says his brother arrived to pick up the plants and was arrested.
In a statement, a FedEx spokesperson tells News 12, "We do not tolerate the use of our network for illegal purposes, and we are working with local authorities as they investigate this incident."
However, these brothers say they ordered the shipment from a licensed farm in Vermont. They say the packages were even inspected by Vermont police officers -noting there was paperwork inside proving it was legal hemp.
Despite what they're saying is clear evidence, the case has been adjourned and the district attorney's office says the case is still pending. In the meantime, both brothers tell News 12 they're hurting.
Dee says the aftermath of this incident could put him out of business. He says this incident is affecting more than just them, it's also impacting cancer patients who are not going to be able to receive their products.
However, the brothers are hoping they don't have to wait six months for that to happen. They say they have plans to take legal action against both FedEx and the NYPD.
The next court date is set for May 29. If the case isn't presented to a grand jury by then, it will be dismissed.