Parents scramble for alternatives following Ocean Hill day care's announcement that it will close

Parents in Ocean Hill are concerned after they say their beloved day care center is set to close its doors.
They're demanding answers from the board because they say they received short-days' notice about the Shirley Chisholm Day Care Center closing at the end of September.
The closing of the day care which is listed under the New York City Department of Education, has left the families' future in limbo.
Community advocates and parents say the day care on Solmers Street serves a large part of the neighborhood. They add that trying to find a new site for their children has been a burden.
News 12 reached out to the Department of Education which responded in part, "We worked closely with Shirley Chisolm Daycare Center to avoid any discontinuation of services but, ultimately, their board elected to withdraw from their contract. We are ensuring that every impacted family will receive the information they need should they choose to enroll their child in an alternate DOE-affiliated early childhood program."
While the DOE has 2,150 infant and toddler seats and 18,000 3-K and 19,900 pre-K seats, parents say they just want the day care they’ve come to know and love to remain open.