Park Slope homeowner sharing solar energy to community

A homeowner in Park Slope says he wanted to do his part to make his neighborhood more environmentally friendly.
Roger Ditman says he spent $40,000 on solar panels for his rooftop. The 75-year-old is producing enough energy that his neighbors can purchase the extra energy.
"In the summertime, we produce more than we use, we work off credits," he says.
Brooklyn Microgrid Marketing Director Sasha Santiago says one solar panel sitting in the sun for an hour can produce enough energy for a load of laundry. He says 16 panels can power a house and much more.
"What we have is a meter in his basement, and it's counting the energy that his panels are producing, the amount his house is consuming and the amount of excess energy he's putting onto the grid," she says.
Santiago says solar power still relies on the copper wires and cables Con Ed maintains, but that going solar and helping neighbors do the same can lower the cost of bills and empower the community.
"We get Con Ed energy, but I'd rather support a local producer," says Daniel Power, owner of a local bookstore.
Power is one of the first customers to use Ditman’s solar energy in the neighborhood.