Passaic County to use new digital voting machines, poll books in fall election

Passaic County has just unveiled new digital voting machines and poll books.
County officials say that the enhanced technology will help with early voting this fall.
Election officials gave the ESS Express Voter Excel machines a test run on Tuesday and say that it was an overwhelming success.
"The voters in Clifton absolutely loved the new machine. It's a touch screen machine. The voters are able to choose their preferred language. They are also able to confirm their ballot choice with the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail,” says Passaic County Superintendent of Elections Shona Mack-Pollock.
The machines and electronic poll books will be introduced to all county voters in November.
Mack-Pollock says that digital poll books will make voting more efficient because voters will not have to go from table to table to find their exact book. The electronic poll books will have all a voter's records.