Amid vaccine race, pharmacists stress importance of independent pharmacies in low-income areas

With Pfizer’s recent announcement about its progress on a potential COVID-19 vaccine, the Pharmacists Society of the state of New York and a local pharmacist are stressing the important role that independent pharmacies will play in its distribution to lower-income communities.
Coronavirus vaccine accessibility for under-resourced communities is a major topic for local pharmacists after low-income communities were hit hard during the height of the pandemic.
PSSNY is part of the governor’s and the state’s Department of Health’s COVID-19 working group, which helps to figure out the logistics of how the vaccine will be distributed.
Board Chairman Steve Moore says the vaccine will be distributed in phases and must be kept in ultracold storage. Marta Giammorino, a clinical pharmacist at Kings Specialty Pharmacy in Prospect Heights, says once the vaccine is available, the pharmacy will be ready to give it to patients.
"I think by the middle of next year, everybody's going to have access to the vaccine and we're all going to be able to take it. We'll be at the frontlines to help everybody get vaccinated,” said Giammorino.