Plan to cut reentry programs from Rikers Island budget raises concerns among advocates

A plan that helps Rikers Island inmates transition back into society could soon be at risk, according to advocates.
The Department of Correction has announced that it was tasked by the mayor's office to cut its budget by 4% and that so-called "re-entry programs" could be on the chopping block.
The programs would instead be budgeted for internally, according to the DOC.
Councilmember Caroline Rivera gathered with other supporters of the program on Thursday, including people who had benefited from them personally, to denounce the cuts.
"The providers behind me," she said. "They come at this with compassion, with information, with an understanding of the experiences. The Department of Corrections has their role. And they cannot meet their core function, this cannot be insourced."
They are set to take effect July 1.