'Please come home.' Loved ones search for missing 14-year-old Aunisty Elliott in Brooklyn

Police and community members are working together to find 14-year-old Aunisty Elliott, who has been missing since July 27.
Her family says the teen was babysitting her younger siblings when she disappeared from the home and hasn't been heard from since.
Aunisty is 5 feet 5 inches tall with a medium build and dark hair with purple highlights. She was last seen wearing jeans and a black T-shirt with the words “The Fresh Senior” across the front.
The search continued Wednesday night in Prospect Heights. Family, friends and strangers made different routes based on information given to her mother, Raquel Elliott.
Her mother had a message for her daughter, saying, “I miss you so much and I love you, and I know that if you're with somebody, know you can come home you're not in trouble, baby.”
Elliott wants her daughter’s photo posted everywhere in hopes that someone knows something and speaks up.
“Bring her home, just bring her home. We don't care, drop her off anywhere and no one will ask any questions, don't be afraid…everyone loves her, just please come home,” she says.
Anyone with information on Aunisty's case is urged to call police.