‘Please do not block fire hydrants.’ FDNY highlights dangers of blocked hydrants

John Esposito, the chief of operations for the FDNY, spoke to News 12 and highlighted the dangers of blocking fire hydrants in New York City.
“When the fire hydrant is blocked it causes a delay,” says Esposito. “It's an issue that our firefighters face on a routine basis." 
Esposito says these delays, whether they are seconds long or minutes long, can result in more injuries and possible fatalities to residents and firefighters alike.  
Just this past weekend, there were almost 700 phone calls made to 311 on blocked fire hydrants.  
The FDNY Twitter account posts warnings every few weeks for New Yorkers to avoid blocking fire hydrants.  
"If it's in your neighborhood, the life that's impacted is you, your neighbors, and my firefighters,” said Esposito. “Please do not block fire hydrants."