Police: 2 suspects stole jewelry from elderly women in Dyker Heights

Police are searching for two suspects who are accused of stealing from older women in Dyker Heights.
Police say the suspects approached their victims and proposed a trade, but then stole jewelry right off their body.
Both suspects were seen on surveillance video put out by the NYPD.
Police say the two alleged burglars came up to an 84-year-old woman who was on her porch on 67th Street near 8th Avenue around 2:30 p.m. Saturday.
They reportedly proposed a trade to her, but when she refused, they put a necklace around her neck and stole the one she had on.
The victim tells police that the stolen jewelry is worth $1,500.
That victim’s grandson, Jackie, tells News 12 that that his grandmother was standing on the porch when two women approached her and seemed friendly.
“She just forced the necklace on my grandmother and took off the real one,” Jackie says. “It was a white gold necklace.”
On Sunday, police say the suspects were back at it with a 68-year-old woman as the victim.
The victim had her bracelet stolen on 64th Street around 7th and 8th avenues.
Jackie says he hopes the alleged robbers are caught soon before there are other victims.
“They’re obviously targeting elderly people and they wouldn’t dare to do it to anyone else,” Jackie says.
In both incidents, police say they left in a white SUV.