Bronx bodega brawl ends with car crash, 2 handcuffed

A Bronx bodega brawl ended with two women in handcuffs - and a car crashing right into the front of the Guerlain Deli Grocery in Parkchester.  
Customer Joe Baxter says he heard the impact on Guerlain Street and White Plains Road from his window, just before 6 p.m. Saturday. 
"If somebody was there, they would have been done," he says.  
The door bore the brunt of the crash and an ATM machine toppled over.  
Ali and his family run the grocery. He says he had just stepped out before the sedan came crashing into it. 
"By the time I had gone back to the store, I just saw the car stuck in the doorway, everyone who was in the store was stuck," he says.  
"I heard yelling, next thing you know, a fight broke out," he says.  
Police say 27-year-old Shawntyse Myers allegedly threw a can of food at 24-year-old Tahira Jones' windshield and punched her in the head. 
Jones allegedly responded by driving her car into Myers, who appeared to only suffer minor injuries, according to police. 
The fire department says four people were treated and taken to hospitals. 
Police say both of those women were arrested. 
Jones was charged with vehicular assault and Myers was charged with criminal mischief, as well as assault and harassment.