Police: Arrest made in string of robberies that left officer with fractured skull

The NYPD has arrested one person connected to a string of robberies across the city - one of those incidents leaving an officer with a fractured skull.
The suspect is being charged with robbery and gang assault. He allegedly told investigators he was part of a group that pulled off robberies.
A 48-year-old off-duty officer was attacked and robbed near Olmstead Avenue. Police say that officer is currently in critical condition with a brain bleed and fractured skull. The identity of the officer is unknown at this time.
Police say three men assaulted him just before 11 a.m. Tuesday, as part of a string of 19 robberies across the Bronx and Queens.
According to the NYPD, some of the attacks have three people approach a victim while a fourth waits in a car. They say the suspects are armed and the vehicle is a black Honda sedan.
The suspects have gotten away with more than $1,000 and have taken multiple cellphones and IDs in the attacks.