Police arrest suspect in road rage death of off-duty firefighter

Police have arrested a suspect in the road rage death of an off-duty firefighter.
Joseph Desmond, 29, was arrested at a New Jersey motel in connection to the early Sunday morning crash on the Belt Parkway.
Officials say Desmond is a known Latin King member. Desmond has a slew of previous arrests for what police say were assaults that involved metal knuckles or heavy gloves.
He is expected to be charged with murder.
Desmond was picked up at a New Jersey motel on a parole violation. New Jersey State Police tell News 12 the NYPD is taking over the case.
Police say they have also recovered the car involved in the incident.
FDNY firefighter Faizal Coto was 33 years old and worked out of Engine 245 in Coney Island.
News 12 is told his car collided with another as they were merging onto the exit. Sources say when he got out of the car he was hit in the head with something and that is what ultimately killed him.
News 12 is told he was raised in Flatbush and was an aspiring rapper
Wake services were held Wednesday for Coto at Leone Funeral Home on Fourth Avenue. His funeral is slated for Thursday at 11 a.m. at the same location.