BMW impounded by police, driver accused of performing stunts in Melville

Police say officers observed Brooklyn resident Asad Zulfiqar performing donuts as he drove a 2024 BMW among several other vehicles.

Kevin Vesey

Feb 11, 2024, 11:16 AM

Updated 163 days ago


A 2024 BMW was impounded, and the 24-year-old driver was arrested for allegedly performing stunts behind the wheel in Melville.
The criminal charge, unlawful stunt behavior in a motor vehicle, falls under a new Suffolk County law.
Asad Zulfiquar, of Brooklyn, is accused of performing donuts in front of a crowd of spectators Saturday night.
The arrest comes after online videos have shown illegal car meetups, where drivers perform death-defying stunts, often just a few feet from spectators on foot.
The events typically attract hundreds of people, and at times have become too large for police to effectively control.

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