Police: Driver in allegedly stolen car collides with bus in East New York

The FDNY says at least five people were hurt when a driver in an allegedly stolen vehicle collided with a bus in East New York early Saturday morning.
The crash happened near Pennsylvania and Black avenues around 12:30 a.m. and was captured on surveillance video.
The NYPD says the incident began when officers stopped a Cadillac that fit the description of a stolen vehicle. They say that as officers tried to talk to the 22-year-old driver, identified as Zechariah Johnson, he drove off.
Investigators say Johnson then drove through a red light and then crashed into a bus. The traffic light post came down as a result.
Johnson allegedly attempted to flee the crash scene on foot, but was apprehended by officers.
Officials say the five people were treated for minor injuries and are expected to recover.
Johnson is facing several charges, including grand larceny and reckless endangerment.
NYC Transit President Andy Byford said in a statement, "This incident highlights the range of challenging situations that are faced by bus operators. They do a remarkable job ensuring the safety of our riders. I am grateful that in this case the driver and customers were not seriously injured despite the outrageous conduct of the perpetrator whose stolen vehicle hit our bus."