Father in disturbing video at Bronx subway station arrested in separate incident

Police say the father seen in a disturbing video abusing his two young boys at the Fordham Road subway station was arrested in connection with a separate incident.
News 12 is told a witness recorded the video of the father verbally abusing his two young boys and then punching one of them. Seconds later he turns around and pulls the other boy's hair.
Police say the father was arrested hours after the subway incident. The NYPD hasn't released any details on what happened during the second incident, but say it was related to domestic violence.
Community advocate Tony Herbert posted the five-minute video that has now been shared hundreds of times. Herbert wants accountability for the incident before something worse happens to the children.
"I don't know what's happening in that household, but what I do know is that the individual needs to go to jail," says Herbert. "He shook that child. He punched the other one in the throat. He punched that kid like he was a grown man and now he has to answer to that."
Police say the man has a violent record having to do with domestic violence toward the boys and their mother.
News 12 has confirmed that the father was arrested last week and charged for assault in a separate incident.
A spokesperson for the Administration for Children's Services released a statement saying, "Our top priority is protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children in New York City. We are investigating this case with the NYPD."
News 12 has learned the man lives in Manhattan and the kids live with their mother in the Bronx.
Detectives are not releasing the man's identity because they don't want to compromise the case.
The Bronx District Attorney' office says it's investigating the case as well.