Police: Skimming device found at ATM in Croton-on-Hudson bank

Police are warning residents that a card-skimming device was found at an ATM in Croton-on-Hudson.
Police say the device was found at the ATM at the Wells Fargo Bank on Maple Street Thursday for the second time in a month. They say they believe it was placed there on Wednesday.
A skimmer device is a card reader attachment designed to look like it's part of the ATM machine. The device collects card numbers and PIN codes, which are then replicated into counterfeit cards.
When you use the ATM, your information is collected by the device and the thieves can sell it or use it themselves at your expense.
To protect yourself, investigators say to check with the bank to make sure there's no suspicious activity with your account. If there is, let the police know.
Another way to stay safe is to always check for any loose parts in the pin pad or card slot, and to look for tape or sticky glue substance.